RESPECT and Biblical Bathroom Humor

Sunday was our first lesson in Orange: 252 Basics, and boy did we have a great time together!  Maybe it was the toilet paper pass or maybe it was the potty humor, but I believe it was truly God’s Word. (Which provided the potty humor, I might add. His Word is engaging for all ages!)

TP Game

The month of August focuses on RESPECT.

Bottom Line: Respect those who are in charge, even when they don’t deserve it.

Bible Verse: Show proper respect to everyone. 1 Peter 2:17a


I must admit, this lesson forced me to examine my own heart. Maybe you can relate? I mean, the Bible says “Show proper respect to EVERYONE.” And I find myself bookmarking sure exceptions to this declaration in humanity. They play a ceaseless slideshow in my mind. Oh how I love that this teaching of children each Sunday turns me inside out!

David was the star of Sunday. Oh, David…I long to be like him. Chosen by God. Tender and strong with a heart like His. I also love teaching about David because children know him well. After all, he is the boy who took down a mighty giant with a simple slingshot. Every little boy has the look of awestruck wonder when that story is shared. It makes me swoon. This Sunday, when I asked if anyone knew David, one little kindergarten darling said, “I know David! He is the boy with the lamb.” Does it get any cuter?

Our lesson came from 1 Samuel 24…David showing respect to Saul when he did not deserve it. But of course, we had to have a little backstory before diving in here. We had to meet Saul and understand his jealousy towards our beloved David. We had to witness his attempts at killing young David and the chase that ensued. We had to intensely dislike Saul to be appropriately amazed at David’s act of RESPECT. And we did all of these things through…

Toilet Paper Theater!

TP Men

David and his men are in the top row. Saul is the angry king in the fiery robe at the bottom. (The fiery robe is a nice touch, don’t you think? Leftover fabric from a bag I made my son for Christmas.) The unhappy men wrapped in aluminum foil are not Tin Man clones, but soldiers in Saul’s army. One dear child asked me why there were only seven men in his army when the bible says there were 3,000. I had no appropriate response.

Toilet Paper Theater was a big hit, I must say. We watched Saul enter the cave to USE THE BATHROOM where David and his men were hiding. I told the children at the beginning of our lesson that I would prove the word “toilet” existed in at least one version of the bible, and so, proof:

Toilet Verse

This is from the NIrV. I love this bible for teaching. Of course, the KJV says Saul went in the cave to “cover his feet” while the NIV and NLT say it was to “relieve himself”, but where’s the fun in that? Let me share with you openly…here the great story was paused for a multitude of bathroom related questions. My personal favorite: “Was he doing number 1 or number 2?” Have I mentioned that I love working with children? I think they loved imagining King Saul with his pants down while David and his men snickered quietly in the darkness.

TP Theater

The children were amazed that David was in the cave the whole time and had the chance to KILL the man who was trying to kill him, but chose not to do so. He was even close enough to cut a piece of Saul’s robe – I mean he was holding a weapon for goodness sakes! – and still did not kill him. His friends were even encouraging him to do it…we imagined them quietly chanting “Do it! Do it!” I heard several “I would do it!” comments. (Note to self: We may need a lesson on peer pressure. Soon.) They were even more amazed that David followed after Saul and bowed down at his feet proclaiming “I will never lift a hand to strike my master down.” David LAY at the feet of the man who was trying to KILL him and called him “My master”. I am amazed! This is humility. This is true faith in God’s protection and His plan. This is RESPECT on a level I cannot comprehend.

Do we teach this RESPECT to our children? Do we model it? I am praying this for myself. RESPECT is showing others – ALL others – they are important by what we say and do. Let’s imagine that in our world. What would that look like? How would it create change?

Hmmm…let’s teach it to our children and watch.



RESPECT and Biblical Bathroom Humor